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Our scrubs are made out of 96% Polyester & 4% Rayon. You can wear them all day long without feeling uncomfortable for even a single moment.

Yes, we make personalized scrubs too. If you’d like to see your name or a specific symbol embroidered on them, just let us know.

Yes, of course! Our scrubs are available in multiple sizes(From small to extra large), and you can most likely find yours. In case you don’t, please send us a message, and we’ll see what we can do about it.

We do, yes. After all, we believe there’s strength in numbers, especially if you serve the healthcare industry, which is one of the noblest professions.

Apart from scrubs, we sell joggers, apparel, and other medical-related accessories. We also hope to add other items to our product line in the future.

We understand that time is precious when you’re saving lives. For that reason, we’ve made sure that our scrubs are easy to wash and quick to dry.

Select the product you wish to purchase, click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button, proceed to the checkout, enter the necessary information and finally, click on ‘Place Order.’

No, it’s not necessary for you to make an account on Scrubtastic to purchase a product. However, if you’d like to improve your buying experience, we highly recommend you do so.

At Scrubtastic, we take your privacy very seriously. The only reason we ask for your personal information is to facilitate you better while you’re making a purchase.

We accept multiple methods of payments, such as cash on delivery (COD), online bank transfer, and credit/debit card payments.

Production time is 24-48 hours and we will ship the order within 2 weeks. However, in case of unexpected situations, like extreme weather conditions, we might take longer than that.

If it hasn’t been dispatched to your location, then yes, you can cancel your order. Otherwise, you cannot cancel it.